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Company Introduction

A Global Game Company, JOYCITY is expanding its business beyond the domestic stage of Korea, into the promising and rapidly-growing global market.

Since 1994, JOYCITY has developed and serviced diverse genres of games based on innovative ideas and outstanding development capability. We became one of the major first-generation game companies in Korea when we successfully developed and serviced ‘FreeStyle’, the first PC online sports game in Korea. Launching the sequels ‘FreeStyle2’ and ‘FreeStyle Football’ successfully as well, JOYCITY earned the title of a ‘prominent sports game house’. We also became a leading mobile game company in Korea when we released a mobile social-network-game (SNG) ‘Rule the Sky’ and generated huge revenue growth from it during the early years of Korean mobile game market. In recent years, we have been successfully servicing military shooting-action games ‘Gunship Battle’ and ‘Warship Battle’ as well as a dice-rolling board game ‘Game of Dice’ in the competitive global mobile game market. In addition, we have been doing R&D in VR and console games since 2014 to build our competitiveness in the new technologies and markets. Striving to be ever ready for the future and to stay ahead of the competition, JOYCITY aims to build a balanced game portfolio across the different platforms of PC online, mobile, console, and VR and to read the latest market trend for future growth and new growth opportunities.

  • Develop

    JOYCITY’s developers lead the global game industry with their talents and experiences. Leveraging the rich pool of their knowledge and experience in game development as well as service, we are delivering fun-to-play games of diverse genres on multiple platforms including PC online, mobile, VR, and console.

  • Design

    JOYCITY designs and polishes each and every element of our games to provide an emotionally engaging game-playing experience that goes beyond simply having fun.

  • Venture

    JOYCITY continues to seek new challenges. With creativity, drive, and audacity, we constantly explore new opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the global game market.

A company that never fears changes and relentlessly takes up new challenges – we are JOYCITY

Contact Information

Address Bundang First Tower 10th Floor, 55 Bundang-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 13591 Phone +82.31.789.6500 Email Global marketing Investor relations Public relations