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Company History

  • 1994 Company founded (as Chung Media, and renamed JC Entertainment in 2000)
  • 1998 Released the first graphic online game War Bible
  • 2004 Released FreeStyle, the first commercially successful online sports game in Korea
  • 2005 FreeStyle exceeds 40,000 concurrent users in Korea
  • 2006 FreeStyle exceeds 260,000 concurrent users in China
  • 2008 Company listed on the KOSDAQ market
  • 2011 FreeStyle Football exceeds 40,000 concurrent users in Korea
  • 2012 Rule the Sky holds the top spot in the revenue ranking in Korea for 253 consecutive days
  • 2013 Company name changed to JOYCITY, Released FreeStyle2 in China with Tiancity
  • 2014 Released Elemental Wings on Kakao, Restarted global service of Gunship Battle
  • 2015 Released Game of Dice globally, Gunship Battle exceeds 60 million cumulative downloads worldwide, NDREAM becomes the largest shareholder