Introducing JOYCITY
We are making
games that contain
various kinds of fun
in the world.
We hope that our games
can bring joy
to people
all over the world.
  • Core Value 01
    Competitive Game Design
    in the Global Market
    JOYCITY is constantly changing and growing,
    focusing on “fun” and “pleasure”,
    which are the company’s core values.
  • Core Value 02
    Standardized Development
    Process to Maximize Efficiency
    We are continuously developing and researching
    new technologies based on production and
    development optimization, and operation
    and service advancement.
  • Core Value 03
    Decision Making
    JOYCITY's data is a key asset
    used to find
    users' statistical
    patterns and insights.
CEO Message
in the Global Market.
JOYCITY has been challenging and
growing continuously
in the global market
based on data-based predictability.
We aim to provide unprecedented fun
by building
a platform that increases
the chances of success of projects
efficient business expansion can be expected,
and ensuring transparent management
and social contribution.
Cho Sung-won, CEO
CI Information
Infinite fun
game contents

JOYCITY’s CI is a Mobius strip designed
in the shape of a smiling mouth,
“infinite fun from game contents”,
and it was created to show our aim to
respond harmoniously
and flexibly to the rapidly changing game market,
crossing the boundaries between business
and development,
online and mobile
organizations and platforms.

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Contact us
How to visit us
Bundang First Tower, 55 Bundang-ro,
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
古美路1515号凤凰大厦 906室 200233
JOYCITY Annex, Inx.
15333 Culver Dr. #340-405
Irvine, CA. 92604
on new challenges,
at every step of the journey.
  • 2022

    Mobile Game “Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict” Globally Launched

  • 2021

    Mobile Game “Legion of Legends” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “Comix Breaker” Globally Launched

    Awarded the “Fifty-Million-Dollar Export Tower”

    Awarded the Prime Minister's Commendation

  • 2020

    Mobile Game “Bless Mobile” Launched in Korea

    Mobile Game “Bless Mobile” Awarded
    “Best Game of the Month” in General Games Category

    Mobile Game “Hero Ball Z” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “Crossfire” Warzone” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “TERA: Endless War” Globally Launched

  • 2019

    Mobile Game “The War Of Genesis: Battle of Antaria” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “The War of Genesis: Batle of Antaria” Awarded “Best Game of the Month” in General Games Category

    Mobile Game “Samurai ShowdownM” Launched in Korea

  • 2018

    Console Game “3on3 Freestyle” for Xbox One Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “Gunship Battle: Total Warfare” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “The War Of Genesis: Battle of Antaria” Launched in Korea

    Awarded the “Thirty-Million-Dollar Export Tower”

  • 2017

    Mobile Game “Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War” Globally Launched

    Mobile Game “Oceans and Empires” Awarded “Best Game of the Month” in General Games Category

  • 2016

    Mobile Game “Oceans and Empires” Globally Launched

    VR Game “Gunship Battle 2 VR” Globally Launched

    Console Game “3on3 Freestyle” for PlayStation®4 Globally Launched

    Nominated “Honest Taxpayer of Seongnam-si”

    Awarded the “Twenty-Million-Dollar Export Tower”

  • 2015

    Mobile Game “Game of Dice” Globally Launched

  • 2014

    Online Game “Freestyle FootballZ” Officially Launched

    Awarded the “Ten-Million-Dollar Export Tower”

  • 2013

    Company Name Changed to “JOYCITY”

  • 2011

    Mobile Game “Rule the Sky” Launched

    Online Game “Freestyle2” Officially Launched

    Awarded the “Five-Million-Dollar Export Tower”

  • 2010

    Online Game “Freestyle Football” Officially Launched

  • 2008

    Listed on KOSDAQ

  • 2007

    Online Game “Freestyle” Awarded Service Satisfaction Award

  • 2004

    Online Game “Freestyle” Officially Launched

  • 2000

    Company Name Changed to “JC Entertainment Co. Ltd.”

  • 1999

    Online Game “Red Moon” Commercialized

  • 1994

    “Cheong Media Co. Ltd.” Established